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Cuban Casino & Rueda Classes
Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Timba, & Community – all levels welcome!



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Experience the Energy and Joy of Cuban Dance! 
Dive into the vibrant world of Cuban dance with our Casino and Rueda classes. These fun, social styles will get you moving, introduce you to a whole new dance community, and immerse you in the infectious rhythms of Cuba.  Get ready to switch partners, learn exciting turn patterns, and connect with other dancers in a fun, social setting. All levels welcome.
What is Cuban Casino?
Cuban Casino is a dynamic partner dance known for its playful footwork, expressive movements, and intricate turn patterns. It’s a fantastic way to connect with a partner and get a great workout.
What is Rueda de Casino?
Rueda de Casino is a group dance where couples form a circle and perform synchronized moves called out by a leader. It’s a thrilling and social experience that fosters teamwork and coordination.
What to Wear
Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Breathable fabrics are best, and shoes with smooth soles that can slide easily are ideal. Avoid shoes with a lot of grip.
Class Structure
Each class will include:
  • A warm-up to get your body ready for movement.
  • Breakdown of fundamental steps and techniques for Casino.
  • Introduction to Rueda de Casino calls and formations.
  • Practice time to refine your skills and learn fun combinations.
No Partner Needed!
Our classes are designed for everyone, regardless of whether you have a dance partner or not. We rotate partners while learning the moves so you’ll get to dance with a variety of people, improving your lead/follow skills and expanding your dance community.

Event Details

Venue: Clahvay

Directions: We're on the corner of Concord Rd & South Cobb Drive right behind Dunkin Donuts.

Phone: 888-313-2012